Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tempo Running Helps!

Lately I have been going to the track to do some tempo running. Today was so beautiful that I decided to run a little longer and enjoy nature. I ran a 3 miles route (That I have ran for the last couple years) and something very interesting happened this time. It was easier to do it! I think a long break from long distance running and doing some tempo training at the track helped me to improve my jogging.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

One less excuse

I have heard so many times millions of excuses on why to not work out and one of the most common is:

I haven't worked out because I have been traveling alot!!!

I haven't understood what it means, so I decided to dedicate my weekly fitness television segment to "how keep fit when we are traveling"


- Don't ask or accept help to move your suitcases. Why? You can do it! so colaborate doing this and also help others to move their bags :)
- When you are waiting for a friend or taxi to take you to the airport perform some movements with your suitcases, such as presses, suitcase deadlifts, farmer's walks....
- At the airport or on a cruise use the stairs every opportunity you have. Avoid elevators and automatic stairs. Also while you are waiting to catch your plane, go up and down the stairs as many times as you can. Maybe in the begining people are going to believe you forgot something, after a couple times you have gone up and down the stairs they may think you are crazy :) after a few times doing it they will say to themselves that you are cool, smart and they may join you :)

It is very simple to do and the results are amazing! Give it a try!

Life is energy, so if you want to feel alive keep yourself moving!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Great Vacation Time! = Great Workout!

We went on a great Caribbean cruise with all my family (over 20 members) all athletes, so you can understand what a fantastic time we had.

I love vacation time...Who doesn't :) It is the best time for me to take care of my nutrition and exercise program.

The cruise had so much food and the crew's primary job was to make us gain weight :) so I decided to use the stairs every single day and visit the gym daily to perform some tempo running.

Tempo Running
3 minutes walking (warm up)
45 seconds sprinting
90 seconds walking
45 seconds sprinting
90 seconds walking........... Until complete 10 to 14 Sprints
5 minutes walking (cool down)

One day we did a competition to sprint from the 1st to the 10th floor of the boat x 2 times. Wow!!!! I couldn't believe how sore my abs and legs were after it!

By the way.... I did not gain any weight :)