Friday, December 21, 2007

16kg Snatch Test + My thoughts on Technique

So earlier this week I tested my pregnancy shape by passing the RKC snatch test with the 12kg; NO PROBLEM! So I decided to keep the "FUN" going. According to my current weight and the RKC requirement I have the option to be tested with the 12kg or the 16kg; I chose the 16kg this time. The number I needed to reach with the 16kg was 26 reps. I completed 15 each arm.

TECHNIQUE: Here are my thoughts on the snatch while pregnant.

* When dropping the KB between the legs it is essential that you bring the KB outside the belly so you don't hit the baby. For example, if you are doing snatches on your right arm, make sure you tuck the KB more to the right side of your inner leg. It is similar to the safety principle of protecting your breasts while doing cleans. You want to protect that area so therefore you bring the KB lateral as much as possible.

* Your stance may need to be a bit wider than your normal stance.

I wish all of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Yoana's RKC Snatch Test while Pregnant

Well, I'm in my ninth month of my pregnancy and I am ready to have this baby! Last night I decided to see if I could pass the RKC snatch test, and pass it according to my new pregnancy weight, which is obviously more than my non-pregnancy weight :)

The RKC requirements for a women with my current weight (134 pounds) is to complete 64 reps combined with both my left and right arms. I was able to complete 66 reps total. Thank God I was able to complete it. My past training and my training during pregnancy has been very helpful. So ladies, if there are some of you who are pregnant or are thinking of getting pregnant, do not let it stop you from training!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I am ready!!!

Photo: 9 months pregnant

We are expecting Marianna any time now.

We are very excited!!!!... and nervous too :)

I am still working out!

Feeling good but getting tired :)

6 Elevated Deadlift (32kg KB)
20 Swings (16kg KB)
20 Lateral Bench Jump

6/6 Single Leg Deadlift (DB 16kg KBs)
8/8 Snatch (12kg)
10 DB Clean (DB 12kg KBs)
20 Medicine Ball Slams (16lbs)