Friday, January 25, 2008

Marianna......Pregnancy.....and Getting my body back!

Well as most of you know, our beautiful daughter "Marianna" was born on December 29, 2007. Tomorrow will be four weeks since her birth and Franz and I couldn't be more joyous and excited to have her here with us. I never knew I could feel so much love and joy for a person.

Physically I feel great even though I am sleep deprived. As far as exercise goes, I have done no weight training but I have been extremely active (breastfeeding, moving up and down our stairs all day long, taking care of the house, etc..) I think that for 4 weeks out from the birth of Marianna I am getting back my former body (faster than I thought I would). And I know that it is from all of the exercise that I did during my pregnancy. One more time I encourage every women to keep working out during pregnancy time.

During my pregnancy I had many people tell me how crazy I was to work out like I was. However I never heard anybody telling me how crazy I was for eating sweets or bad food. Why is it that people consider working out while pregnant dangerous but eating toxic and poisonous food is not? Thank God I had a very good group of medical Doctors that always encouraged me to keep my fitness lifestyle during the pregnancy. I give my training all the thanks for helping me get through the delivery. It really provided me the strength that I needed and the overall experience was very rewarding.

Top RKC Intsructor

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