Friday, December 15, 2006

Some Tennis Elbow Problems? Try this!

Lie down on your stomach with your hands under your body and palms facing the floor.

Lift one of your legs and hold it for 20 seconds. Switch leg and hold for 20 seconds too.

Now Lift both legs and hold them for 20 seconds.

Repeat twice!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Health is a Verb!

Thanks to Joe Sarti for sharing this cool website to make your own motivational posters!

Taking it easy!

I have been training very easy... talking about weight. I am training for active recovery and into increase my GPP (full body conditioning).

I did today:

4 Sets

A-1 Medicine Ball (50lb) Shouldering Squat 5R + 5L
A-2 Alternating KB (12k) Renegade Row 5R + 5L
A-3 Rope Waves 20

4 Sets

B-1 Single KB Over Head Dynamic Lunge (12k) 10R + 10L
B-2 KB Bent Over Row (12k) 6R + 6L
B-3 KB Standing Over Head Triceps 10
B-4 Medicine Ball Slams 20

I started with some Joint Mobility and I finished with some stretching exercises.

It was great! and I had a good time!