Thursday, April 19, 2007

Seminar in San Diego, CA and Miami, FL



If you are serious about committing yourself to better health and to getting lean and losing the body fat you no longer want, than click the link below and sign up for this seminar. If you are a strength coach and trainer, find out how simple these principles are to teach and how practical they are for clients. TAKE ACTION NOW!

Come and learn directly from RKC TEAM LEADERS and two of the best and most experienced Russian Kettlebell Certified Coaches: Franz & Yoana Snideman

What People Are Saying….

“I have seen this question many times on the forum: ‘How do I motivate myself to train?’ I used to answer: ‘I have no idea.’ Now I answer: ‘Revolution Kettlebell Fat Loss Program by Franz and Yoana Snideman.’ ”
- Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Enter the Kettlebell!

I can't thank you both enough for your warmth and hospitality, and I know I speak on behalf of everyone there. You went way beyond the call of duty, and I really felt like I was visiting a couple of friends at their home, rather than two "trainers" at a gym.
The price of a plane ticket and the fee for the workshop was well worth it, even if just to meet and talk to you both. I walked away with more confidence in my lifts and some extra knowledge about nutrition and the body that most people don't talk about.
Thank you both so much for your time and energy, and for being such real people.
- Camilla

First of all I must say thank you very much for the great seminar! It was a very good experience for me. I learned a lot and it really helped get back into my workouts. You all did a great job. I also spoke with my friend Jen on Sunday and she absolutely loved it, she was very pleased with all of you! She said she really liked the structure of the seminar. She said it was great to be able to ask a lot of questions interact with you guys and really learn each exercise and variations. She can't wait to start including kettlebell exercises into her client's workouts.
- Roger

The training was great! I felt that I learned a great deal that I can take with me to improve my workouts as well as my clients. The nutrition part was great as well. The coaches were very informational. I feel that I am leaving with a sound knowledge.
I can't wait to get started!
- Jennifer Peters