Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A little of...

I have been away from weight training for over a month. I needed it! I wanted it! but I can't believe that I could be away from lifting weights for so long.

I have been taking Bikram's Yoga instead. It is good for now.

I want to get more flexible and I know that I have to spend more time stretching. It is hard for me to dedicate time to stretching so taking these classes pushes me to do it.


- More Flexible.

- Mental Calmness.

- Less Stress.

- Better Single Leg Balance.

- Increase Strength..... I have never press the 24 kg Kettlebell as easy as I can now.


Royce said...

When I was younger and hit a plateau I always found that taking a whole week off got me a 5 or 10 lb increase on my compound lifts.
Of course those weeks turned into years and that was no good either. LOL
By the way, you are seriously strong, very cool to see that pic of you pressing the 24!!

Dustin Silveri said...

agreed.... pressing the 24kg... dang! that makes you a man among.... woman among women!

fitgirl-atx said...

Hi Yoana,
Like you, I also decided to focus on flexibility training for the month. Wednesday was my first day of kettlebell training after 1.5 months off. Bikram has been wonderful for me though! Thanks for being an inspiration!

Kettlebell Trainer 0311 said...

Oddly enough I began taking Bikram Yoga and backing away from weights these last few weeks. Adn Locust Pose was the one pose I could not grasp. AS it happens, I was doing it incorrectly. Franz posted to me that it helped get rid of his tennis elbow. I hope it works, I have tight forearms.

Most of my clients are women and I would like to link your blog to mine, so they may see a hard core femme fatale in action, is that cool?

Will Williams.

PS Nice job pressing a 24! Woah

Franz Snideman said...
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Yoana said...

Thank You guys!

Will, feel free to link my blog. It is a honor!